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Blow your bubbles

As a child, have you ever blown soapy bubbles? Were you fascinated by their perfect round shapes and luminescent colors? And wanted to chase them all day long. Were you intrigued or obsessed by them and their transitional nature?

Our #emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, despair, fear etc. are quite fleeting in nature as well, they will always come and go. They can be experienced at physical level, at conscious level or expressed via our behavior.

Emotions can be quite intense and subjective. Emotions are filters that change our perspective of things and as result they give us the opportunity to see things differently. We are usually predisposed to associate our emotions to external experiences. However, our emotions are not about external sources but they are quite internal and personal to us. All our emotions are just responses to the quality of our thinking. For example, anxiety can be a healthy emotion - if forces us to focus on our problems and work hard to solve them. But sometimes, if anxiety grows out of control and does just the opposite: it cripples our ability to solve problems. When this happens, irrational thoughts often play a role. Though, we can use our emotions as a springboard for our personal growth.

So next time if you are experiencing an intense emotion, then STOPP;

  • Stop

  • Take a breath

  • Observe yourself

  • Pull back and put in perspective

  • Proceed and practice what works instead

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