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How present is your past?

Imagine you are running a 100 meters race or let’s just say you are a marathon runner but you are looking over your shoulder constantly. At this rate, how far do you think you will get?

So why would you live your life with looking over your shoulders onto your past constantly?

Most of us remember those past life events/incidents that have some sort of prominent emotional attachment to them both positive or negative, highs or lows. Though more than often we hold on tightly to negative experiences of past, where, we continually focus on what “Should” have happened than accepting it as is. It’s like you are tied to a pole with a rubber band and the more you try to walk away from the pole, you come back with even stronger force leading to feelings of disappointment, frustration, anger, hurt or even resentment weighing you down and impacting your present more than likely.

I remember many years back I had a head on collision with another car, where, the driver of the other car had clearly jumped the traffic lights when it was not their turn. Every time, I passed that street my memories of the crash returned, leaving me feeling resentful on what should have happened? i.e. why was that driver let go so easily? And that I was overly cautious and under confident every time I drove on that street.

What I was unwilling to do at the time was to #Accept. That accidents happen. To accept that things change in life and that they are not in your control. To #Forgive the other person and yourself for holding onto feelings and emotions that don’t serve you instead they weigh you down. To #Let Go of bad thoughts of the experience. And lastly #Embrace the learning from the experience and look at how it can contribute to your personal evolution.

So instead of letting your past hold you back and rule your present. Look at what is holding you back from that experience? Is it fear, anxiety? What is the positive value from the experience? i.e. How can you use fear to plan & prepare better than it holding you back?

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