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What are you feeding yourself?

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Imagine walking into a fancy restaurant with an amazing buffet laid out. Though the buffet has everything that can make you really ill. Will you have it?

Or imagine walking into a place where everyone is speaking out their #thoughts loudly. How chaotic and unsettling would that be?

As per recent studies, humans have up to 6000 thoughts per day. Do you know from where do CONSCIOUS thoughts come from? Nowhere until we give them power and bring them to life. Thoughts are only words strung together. They have no meaning till we give meaning to them to create experiences to validate it.

Whilst we do not have as much control over the thoughts and images that pop into our minds. We can choose to think thoughts that support and nourish us. We can control what thoughts we focus on and how we respond to these thoughts and choose which ones we validate.

We are not our thoughts. They’re not worth beating ourselves up over unless we act on them or allow them to consume our lives.

We need to learn to discern positive, helpful, wise and mature thoughts from those that are unhelpful and destructive.

How do you do that?

  • Maintain a daily thought journal (awkward as it may sound but it is like keeping a daily diary).

  • Most of the unhelpful thoughts will be dissolved if you read them back aloud.

  • If not, you can dispute your thoughts by asking few questions to self;

  1. Is there substantial evidence for my thought?

  2. Is there evidence contrary to my thought?

  3. Will this matter a year from now? How about five years from now?

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